I thought that with today being the day before thanksgiving, I should talk about being thankful. Being thankful or giving thankfulness is something that is mentioned a whole lot in the bible. Psalms 107:1, “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever.” Now as the holiday season comes upon us, it is so easy to fall into the same pattern as most people in this world do. As Pastor Greg mentioned this last Sunday, crazy people are on the roads saluting him in all sorts of ways for no apparent reason. And not to mention the family members that come over and eat food with you and the possibilities of mayhem in household from young children–Just the utter chaos that can out during the holidays. But with all of that being said, we as the people of God need to remember one thing going into this season. God is good. God blesses us with these things that come along with the holiday seasons. Not necessarily the saluting of people, but the family and the memories that can be made and enjoyed throughout the day with those around you. As we enter into this season, we need to keep a heart of thankfulness. We need to remember that everything and everyone that is put into our lives is a blessing. Remember that everyone that shows up to your house or to the house you are at for thanksgiving, they are a child of God. Be thankful for those around you this season because they are a gift from God.
Now with all of this being said, don’t just be thankful on thanksgiving or during the holiday season, but be thankful all the time. Have a heart of thankfulness. We are thankful everyday for the amazing gift of Jesus Christ, but why can’t we be thankful for the little things that God does and gives us in our everyday lives. Now living a thankful life can be difficult. I know this, but as Christians we need to try our best and strive everyday to live in thankfulness of what the Lord is going to do through you and for you. Even when you are having a bad day, be thankful to the Lord. Just two Sunday’s ago my grandma passed away. It was definitely something that was hard for me to cope with, however, something that popped into my head when I was standing by her in the hospital room was to be thankful for every opportunity and memory that I made with her. Although she was gone and my heart was hurting, God helped me to remember to be thankful for the great times I had with her and the amazing person she was. God helped me to live thankfully in one of my hardest times, and I know now that living a thankful life can be so difficult during our hardest times, but if you truly trust in God, then He is going to help you achieve this goal of living thankfully. To wrap up, just keep in mind as the next few weeks of chaos unfold, that God is blessing you. Be thankful for the people and events that He puts into your life. Be thankful for family and friends (and obviously the food), but most importantly be thankful for the life that God blesses us with everyday. Enjoy your holidays and have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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