The song “Mighty Fortress” came about through a writing session with Rich Litvinchuk and I going off of a musical idea. It was one of those songs that just fell into place lyrically. There were minor changes after the initial writing session, but overall, this song actually went from a musical idea to a fully written demo in about an hour. It was one of those strange moments for me as a writer because I had rarely been able to finish a song completely in the past, so through an hour of writing to have a fully completed song was huge, and I knew that it was only through inspiration of the Holy Spirit that it happened.

Lyrically, Mighty Fortress came about from the idea of “Rock of Ages,” a phrase I had grown up singing in various hymns or other songs, in various styles. I had always loved this phrase–that our God is a Rock, always there, always protecting us from the elements as we hide beneath His shelter. He is unmoving, faithful, and He has always been there.
Facing trials of any kind is a guarantee in this life, and everyone has been through their share of them. No matter how big or small, God is still the Rock. His Word still endures, and when we come out of our trials, the Victory is His, because Jesus has already endured and won the battle for our sins. No matter how big the trial, the victory belongs to our God. There have been times in my life when it all feels overwhelming and I can’t breathe, but God helps me in my time of need and He is a tower that watches over me.

The idea of God being an unmovable Rock permeates throughout the song. He is a strong tower. He is a haven. He won’t fail, He won’t bend in the face of a nation or kingdom because His Kingdom reigns over it all. In the bridge, it points to the fact that because of this, He wins. He gets the glory, He gets the power, He reigns forever, and He gets the Victory over death. He has overcome. There is no amount of credit that could possibly be given to me for what He has done. This song is one of my favorite “Worship” songs on the album because it is purely just telling God how great He is and that He is our savior.

We hope you enjoy this song as much as we have here at Destiny, and we look forward to many years of singing it in our services. Check it out on iTunes and don’t forget to pre-order the album, Glorious Collide!



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