The song, Falling, portrays a picture of our everyday pursuit of God. It talks about how we long to fall into his perfect love and to be embraced and wrapped in the Father’s love. Quite simply put, it just talks about our pursuit and surrender to Him. “Falling” into His perfect love is the main image I think that we try to paint in this song. The image of letting go of everything that hinders us and being embraced by His love, being blanketed by his overwhelming grace. That is the absolute definition of surrender. Allowing the Father’s love to embrace us and make us realize that nothing else in the world will ever comfort us like the embrace of the Father.
Falling, to me, was that song that reminds me still today that there is a deeper description of the Father’s love. My favorite lyrics from the song are in the bridge and the lyrics, “I’m falling into perfect love, wrapped within the Father’s love,” just make me feel like even in the midst of the storms, His love is like this blanket that wraps around us and gives us the reassurance that everything is going to be okay and that being wrapped in His perfect love is where fear has no choice but to flee. It’s when we take shelter in who God is that we find peace and rest.
Falling was one of those tracks on the album that was re-written more times that we can count. Actually, it almost never made it onto the album in the first place. When we were writing that song we knew we wanted it to be an upbeat, fun, praise song… but we had no idea what that finished product would look like. The original lyrics that were written for this song were very abstract and hard to follow for an upbeat song so we realized that we needed to simplify the song just a little bit but still keep that original image that we were trying to paint. In the chorus, the lyrics are simply “I will never stop, running after you all–my life is yours and yours alone. Heart like wildfire chasing after you, all my life is yours and yours alone.” Those lyrics painted the image of our relentless pursuit for the only thing that could satisfy, the only thing that could give us peace. And so the song is simply about falling into the perfect love of the Father. And being embraced by his goodness.
So that is the story behind “Falling” and I hope you guys enjoy listening to the song as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it.

-Rich Litvinchuk


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