It’s inevitable in life that we will be faced with some big decisions. Sometimes making a decision is easy, like what to make for dinner or which gas station to stop at on the way to work. In my experience the big, tough decisions often come at the worst time. They often happen when you’re the most stressed, overworked, discouraged, or frustrated–decisions like leaving your job, having to fire someone, buying a house, giving up on a friendship, or starting a new relationship.
We all face these tough decisions, and it’s often difficult to keep our emotions in check as we work through them. Some decisions need immediate attention, while other decisions don’t need to be made right away.

The most important thing to be aware of in these times is to recognize your season.

Where are you, right now? Are you in a hard season of being overworked, frustrated, and stressed out? Or are you actually in a good place where you have a stride, you’ve hit a lot of success lately, and you’re at peace with yourself and your situation?

When you’re at your best–your peak–it’s the best time to make one of these big decisions. It can feel like a breeze to make your decision because you have a clear mind and you’re not bogged down from worries. When you’re in the roughest spot–the valley’s–your emotions will more than likely get ahold of you. Your doubts, fears, and frustration will shape how you think, act, and talk. It’s not unlikely, like I said before, that you’re going to face some of the biggest decisions at your worst valleys. It’s unavoidable. But I firmly believe that we make our worst decisions in this dip of a valley. For that reasons I think it’s important to wait until we come back up out of that place with the aid of prayer, trusted people, and time to make your decisions.

I remember when I was in college, there were times that I wanted to quit. It was tough, and there were a lot of times when I thought that I didn’t have what it takes to graduate or to graduate with the grades that I wanted. So I became discouraged and frustrated with myself and my situation, and I began to blame others for my predicament, which turned into an overall victim mentality. I heard about this concept about how to make the best decisions in life by following this concept. Sometimes the best decision is to wait to make the decision. While sometimes this isn’t practical for some things, it is for most things. So I waited. I stuck it out and I got to the end and realized what a terrible mistake I would have made had I let my emotions and my situation take hold of my future.

So for those of you that are facing a giant of a decision, take a self-inventory. Are you rushing your decision because you’re uncomfortable and you’re letting your emotions make the decision for you? Check your heart, and recognize that your season should not determine your decisions. Wait until you have had time to think, pray, and come up out of your emotional dip to make the hard, future-bearing decisions. If you still don’t know exactly what season you’re in, ask someone close to you. They will know if you’re letting your emotion and situation tip your decisions the wrong way and point you to a solution where you’re not being influenced by your circumstances.


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